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Zuzis builds software solutions for healthcare and entertainment. From EHR solutions to Games. We build solutions that inspire greatness.

Healthcare and Entertainment? Yes. While Healtcare and Entertrainment are 2 distinct disciplines, we are really passionate about them and has been building solutions to drive our own curiosity and our client's businesses. Have a great idea? We are all ears!


Starting with the problem and ensuring we capture a clear understanding of the ask is the key to our process. We spend a great deal of time in ensuring all ideas are heard, evaluated and measured before proceeding to the next phase.


Creating a solution that aligns well with the definition and wraps any complexity into the purest form of simplicity. Zuzis is all about building solutions in its simplest forms. Removing complex barriers with clean and simple design system.


Technologists at heart, people in mind. We build systems that are technical only for technologists and pure functions to its users. Our build process ensures we use standard and stable technologies combined with a knack for simplified user interfaces.


No solution is complete until it has been deployed, measured, and iterated in a well-orchestrated continuous feedback loop. Zuzis will not only design and development but also ensure it thrives by repeating the define, design, and build cycle.

What we do

We solve complex problems by defining clear solutions that help our clients—their workflow and ROI.

Custom EHR

While important, EHR has complicated the work of many physicians. Zuzis's revolutionary framework allows for the creation of custom-tailored EHR workflow powering Practice Management, Clinical Documentation, and Billing. Talk to us to see how we can help.

Physician Assistant Apps

Whether you are running an independent practice or part of a large organization, staying on top of your game is the only way to move forward in this technology-driven era. Zuzis provides personalized custom workflows to help you succeed in the day to day life. Increasing your efficiency and ROI.

Medical Dictation Software

VoiceboxMD is the award-winning medical dictation software designed for physicians by physicians. Create clean and unique clinical documentation at record speeds that help not only save time but also produce documentation for billing.

VR & Unity

Our love for Virtual Reality has helped us create this capability to help customers bring their VR ideas to life. We specialize in Unity based development to create VR experiences as well as games. Talk to us to see how we can help.

Medical Websites

Online presence is the most important driver for today's clientele. Be it acquiring new patients or staying connected with existing one, Zuzis can help you create state of the art online presence starting as low as $29/m, all managed.


We love games and has been building nifty games to keep us entertained. Partner with us for your next game idea. Zuzis works in partnership bases and provides all development and publishing benefits for your next game idea.

Our Work

We thrive on solving transformational challenges at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds. We think holistically and systematically.

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